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Nebraska DB Coach Evan Cooper OUT, Matt Rhule hires John Butler as replacement

Nebraska Football"s Terrance Knighton Teases Departure - Why It"s A Major Fumble!

Joe Biden wants to DEBATE Andy Staples for leaving Nebraska off his Blue Blood list! | #GBR🌽 #NBNR

Evan Cooper OUT John Butler IN, Matt Rhule talks with Joel Klatt, Poly Pipeline is BACK, and More!

“When Nebraska needed three outs, they went to their best.” | #GBR🌽⚾️ #NBNR #Huskers #BaseballPoiNts

Having a BULLDOG MENTALITY on the mound | #GBR🌽⚾️ #NBNR #Huskers #BaseballPoiNts









The “No Block No Rock Podcast” is a podcast dedicated to covering all things related to the University of Nebraska athletics. Hosted by a group of passionate Husker fans, the podcast delves into the latest news, updates, and analysis surrounding the team, including game recaps, player performances, coaching decisions, recruiting news, and more. The hosts of the podcast provide in-depth discussions and insights into the team’s performance on the field, as well as the broader landscape of college football. They offer their perspectives on key matchups, strategies, and developments within the program, and often engage with listeners through fan mail, questions, and comments. Overall, the No Block No Rock Podcast is a must-listen for any dedicated Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan looking for engaging, informative, and entertaining content about their favorite team.

From Sidelines to Success: Introducing Our Assistant Coaches PART ONE!

Your head coach is only as good as his assistant coaches, and that is a FACT of football. In a lot of cases (if not all), your assistant coaches are more important to the X’s and O’s side of football...

Season of Promise: Nebraska 2024 Quarterback Preview

Today’s Positional Preview is the most important and popular position on the field.. Quarterback. This room will make or break this team, as we saw last season. I do fully believe this will be a much...

Unveiling the Depth: Nebraska Linebacker Preview

This week’s Nebraska Football Positional Preview will be the Linebacker room. This linebacker position is going to be a good one this season in my opinion, maybe not as star-studded as last season but...

Adaptive Defense: Nebraska’s Defensive Changes

In 2023 under Matt Rhule and his new staff, Nebraska switched to the 3-3 stack as their base defense. This was a drastic change from the previous 4-3 and 3-4 “traditional” looks Nebraska fans were...

Let’s Go To Death Row- 2024 Defensive Line Preview

As we get closer to football season, I am going to go through every position group on our beloved Cornhusker squad and give a season preview to check out. It is time for us to preview our next...

In Rhule We Trust? Setting Expectations For 2024

As Nebraska fans, we all have different expectations for the 2024 season. I have listened to tons of podcasts, read dozens of articles, and the ranges I see are WILD. Some say playoffs, some say 8-9...

Building Blocks: 2024 Offensive Line Preview

As we get closer to football season, I am going to go through every position group on our beloved Cornhusker squad and give a season preview to check out. Our first positional preview is going to be...

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